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Tutus: Give them a Twirl

February 21, 2010

What’s more girlie than a tutu?  I made my first one after watching a season of So You Think You Can Dance.  They looked like so much fun, and thinking back to my nine years of dance lessons I realized that my recital costumes never allowed me to have one.

Now that I’m grown up it would be absurd to get one and play dress up, right?  Wrong!  It’s perfectly acceptable when you do so at the right time of year, Halloween.  (There are few rules on Halloween.)

No one ever said that tutus had to be bright pink, worn with toe shoes or confined to a stage.  So mine wasn’t.  It was dark, worn with high heels and had me twirling on the downtown streets.  For Halloween I was a witch in a tutu made from black, purple, lime green and gold tulle.  Really I was a grown woman that wanted to wear a tutu, but I tried to give the costume some sense of purpose.

For little girls, they don’t need a reason.  Tutus make perfect presents for Christmas and birthdays.  They are handy when playing dress up, and are a cute wardrobe selection for professional photos that will be sent to doting grandparents.  The last two that I made were for a mother and daughter who wanted to make a magical memory of their first trip to Disney World.

If you’re interested in a tutu for yourself and/or little one, send me an e-mail at  We can discuss measurements and custom colors to ensure that yours is a couture creation.  Pricing is listed below.

Child’s tutu: $25

Adult tutu: $40

Shipping (within the U.S.): $5 Registered & Protected

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