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Somebody In Here It’s Your Birthday!

August 14, 2010

Birthdays are something to celebrate!  Some of my friends have been the same age for the last few years, but not me.  Today is August 14, 2010, and I AM 31 years old!

I like to think that collecting birthdays is a game.  The person who gets the most wins – and those of you who know me well know how competitive I am.

There isn’t much that I need.  I have a great family. wonderful friends and my health.  There is ONE thing that I want though…

Please help me give my birthday to charity.  Education is one of the best gifts that I could have ever received.  I appreciate the life lessons that my parents passed down and the teachers who were patient with me.  I’m proud of the schools I’ve attended – from Fairport Public Schools (Go Raiders!) in upstate New York, to Wake Forest University (Go Deacs!) and the University of Florida (Go Gators!).

I’m raising money to support A Gift For Teaching, the nonprofit that I work for and in whose mission I  wholeheartedly believe.   More than half the students in Central Florida are enrolled in the Free/Reduced Lunch program.  Their parents make tough decisions each day, often having to choose putting food on the table over purchasing pencils and paper for classroom lessons.  We provide students in need with free school supplies, so that they can make the most of their primary educations.

Use this link to get to my secure online giving page, learn more about our cause and the goal I’m trying to reach. Thanks so much for your consideration!

Please forward the link to your Facebook friends.  If you got here from Twitter, please retweet. My mom taught me not to accept candy from strangers.  She never said anything about money.  :-)

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