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March 7, 2011

Fit Club! – I love sports, but I hate the gym. Hopefully these items, inspired by my two favorite college sports teams (and a few rivals who have decent color combinations), will make us all enjoy our workouts more.   There will be more fun stuff to come.

These five versions of the Work Hard mantra will inspire you to push through your workout.  You made it to the gym, now make it worth your while. Don’t just work hard, work your hardest!

If you’re a DEMON DEACON, GATOR, Heel, Tiger,  Knight, Commodore or ‘Nole there may be a color combination that you like.  This design appears on men’s and women’s t-shirts (both white and gray), water bottles and gym bags.

Click here to shop CapitalK buy design!

Use promo code: SPRINGINABOTTLE to save 20% on aluminum water bottles through Tuesday, March, 15th!

UPDATE (4.2.11): In response to a customer request, I’ve added TANK TOPS to this collection.  Get your sleeveless workout on!

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