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The Designer’s Mansion

April 3, 2011

I read this tweet earlier tonight from @colourlovers: “Sweet! How to Design a 1980s Movie Poster in Photoshop”

As an ’80s baby, I was excited to get home and give this a try.  When I had a chance to look at the site, I was inspired.  Simplicity in design is always interesting to me.  The color choices were appealing too.  I like hues that match in a way that you wouldn’t necessarily think to pair together in an outfit, but which ultimately jives on a printed piece.

The Photoshop tutorial provided a fictitious movie title for, The Designer’s Mansion.  It also provided a link to a database of random names, for use in the credits.

Thinking of the title and the use of odd color choices in the real movie posters, I thought that a creative type might be quirky enough to paint their home  to look like a color swatch.  Why pick one color when you can  have them all?  The subtitle is my own, and since I know nothing of the plot for such a movie is instead based on the piece.

This was a fun project.  I prefer to draw in Illustrator, so it was also a challenge.  Thanks @DesignerDepot for the inspiration!  Now following you on Twitter.

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