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December 23, 2011

“Messenger,” is today’s Illustration Friday word.  On the eve of Christmas Eve, there is a lot of last-minute shopping taking place.  People finally have a day off from work and are using it to navigate the overcrowded malls.  Not me.  I can’t stand trying to shop when I don’t have room to move.  That’s why I avoid Black Friday.

Speaking of which, Best Buy just announced that they won’t be able to deliver all of the Black Friday purchases in time for Christmas.  If you spent your Thanksgiving day in line, then it really stinks that you wasted the last holiday and they are only just making the announcement this week.

On Christmas day, some parents will selflessly share their glory – allowing Santa to deliver the big ticket items that their kids really wanted.  Others will let Santa give the stocking stuffers, and make sure their name is on the shiny new bike.  However its done, don’t you think parents should get together and decide the rules for these (imaginary) things?  Also up for discussion should be the Tooth Fairy’s current rates.  Kids talk.


Merry Christmas you little elves, and have a happy New Year!

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